About CLE Capital

Throughout Quebec and across Canada, CLE Capital is the lease financing specialist for self-employed workers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and VSBs (very small businesses).

CLE Capital's financing solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

CLE Capital offers a simple, quick, flexible, and efficient approach to financing. We truly understand the world of entrepreneurs, and our financing solutions are customized to meet your needs.


CLE Capital's mission is to provide the best financing solutions for self-employed workers, small businesses, and VSBs that need to acquire equipment.

CLE Capital is an independent financial institution whose shareholders are entrepreneurs that have first-hand experience with the realities of the business world. Since 1979, CLE Capital has been supporting self-employed workers, small businesses, and VSBs by offering customized financing solutions.

Our strengths

  • Understanding your needs and taking them into account.
  • Simplicity, speed, efficiency.
  • Experienced, attentive and creative staff that find personalized solutions and support clients throughout the financing acquisition process.
  • Financing solutions that fulfil the requirements of self-employed workers, small businesses, and VSBs.
  • Robust financial and organizational resources.
  • A unique, high-performance computer system that makes it possible to provide efficient, accurate, and quick service.
  • A presence across Canada.

A unique position

CLE Capital is about more than just equipment; we are also committed to working with entrepreneurs. Therefore, we can accept applications for used equipment, repairs (trucks), or new technologies. As part of that commitment, we thoroughly review applications made by start-up companies, seasonal projects, or new entrepreneurs and self-employed workers.

Used equipment
for sale

Check our online store regularly, our list of used equipment for sale is updated regularly.

We also finance used trucks and trailers.

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CLE Capital
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CLE Capital
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