Construction and Heavy Machinery Financing

Meet your heavy machinery and construction equipment needs with our easy and flexible lease financing solutions.

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Heavy Machinery Financing

Tractors, excavating machines, lift trucks, containers, snow removal equipment and more: regardless of the construction equipment and heavy machinery you need, our lease financing options can help you acquire them.
We offer flexible and accessible solutions to SMEs, VSBs and self-employed workers. With lease financing, you will get the financial push you need to launch and boost your construction business.

How does lease financing work?

With CLE Leasing, lease financing is very simple (See the steps on our FOR CLIENTS page.) The client chooses the equipment and the vendor, and fills out a one-page credit application form. A follow-up is conducted within 24 hours, and a final decision is issued shortly thereafter.

What are the advantages of lease financing?

There are five main advantages:

  1. A simple and quick financing application and approval process;
  2. Protection of working capital and credit line;
  3. Your borrowing capacity from banks is preserved and can be used for financing that only them can provide;
  4. Your monthly rentals are tax deductible;
  5. Sales taxes are not due at the time of acquisition.

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How does it work?

  • Choose your equipment

    Which equipment do you want to acquire?
    The equipment you need is the key to making your business profitable. Now that you know what you want, get busy!

  • Choose your supplier

    Which vendor are you going to do business with?
    You found your supplier, vendor or dealer? Now we can work together on financing your equipment.

  • Complete your request

    Quick and simple…
    If necessary, one of our account managers can guide you through this step.

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