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I am an equipment vendor or a direct sale manufacturer.
Should I offer lease financing to my clients?

Yes. Your competitors are doing it, and competition is fierce. You should take advantage of the opportunities that lease financing will provide.

If I offer lease financing to my clients, how will it benefit my business?

The possibility of obtaining financing directly from points of sale is an invaluable asset for vendors. It speeds up the transactional cycle, increases the number of transactions, and helps build customer loyalty. You will avoid the accumulation and management of client accounts while increasing turnover.

A turnkey solution

We offer our services directly at points of sale. Our account managers are always available to meet with equipment suppliers and vendors to offer a partnership that will provide genuine leverage for sales growth.

CLE Capital also offers exclusive marketing support programs designed to increase marketing efficiency for equipment suppliers and vendors.

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The advantages of CLE's point-of-sale financing solutions

An increase in sales

It is easier to finalize a major transaction by offering a payment plan rather than requiring payment in full upfront.

Business development

A visible offer for financing at points of sale is a direct incentive with immediate impact.

Impeccable customer service

Our approach involves a thorough analysis and understanding of equipment purchasers' needs so that our acceptance rate can remain as high as possible. In addition, our account managers are available on site at points of sale to make the process easier and to complete agreements with clients as quickly as possible.

Vendor certification

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