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CLE Capital makes your life easier!

CLE Capital financing is a customized equipment financing solution for self-employed workers, small businesses, and VSBs. This is what makes our approach distinctive:

  • A simple, quick, and personalized process;
  • A recognition of the constraints experienced by equipment purchasers;
  • Fixed rental rates that are considered tax deductible;
  • Protection of your working capital;
  • A quick follow-up of your file and a rapid, definitive answer.

CLE Capital's financing solutions have a high acceptance rate. We do everything in our power so that your application is accepted and so that you receive equipment as soon as possible.


CLE Capital is aware of the constraints you have to handle. To make your life simpler, we offer various terms that make it possible to synchronize your monthly rental payments with your cash flow.

Contact us for all the details about the following promotions and offers:

  • Staggered payments;
  • Seasonal repayments;
  • Payment breaks.

We understand the constraints you have to deal with and we can accommodate them.

The five steps to applying for financing with CLE Capital

  1. Choose your equipment and your vendor;
  2. Fill out our one-page credit application form, sign it and fax - 1-800-373-7394 - or email it to us.
  3. You will receive a notice of acceptance shortly.
  4. To finalize our agreement, one of our representatives will provide details of the next steps, if necessary. Your vendor will then deliver your equipment.
  5. Once the equipment has been delivered and you are satisfied, the vendor receives payment.

Please to contact us for further assistance or information

Credit, life, and disability insurance

For a minimal monthly amount, we offer credit insurance that covers the entire balance of the contract in case of death. For other cases, monthly payments are made by the insurance company while you are on disability. This provides excellent protection for your family and your estate, and it is fully tax deductible. If any problem occurs, this insurance allows the holder to continue to enjoy the assets acquired through lease financing.

GAP and down payment protection

Two new products that are only applicable if financed by CLE Capital (CLE). If your loan or lease is with CLE, we may waive your financial obligation in the unfortunate event that your equipment is stolen or involved in an accident that results in a total loss. Additionally, if you put a down payment on your loan or lease with CLE Capital, we can protect the down payment for the initial 24 months in the form of a credit toward a future loan or lease with us if a write-off occurs. A perfect fit for your investment that will get you back on track quickly.

Please refer to the terms and conditions of your loan or lease for complete details. Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about these products.

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Check our online store regularly, our list of used equipment for sale is updated regularly.

We also finance used trucks and trailers.

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