For brokers

CLE Capital is a financing provider specializing in the analysis of cases that present a particular risk.

Examples of particular risks that CLE Capital can manage and that make it a trusted partner for brokers:

  • emerging markets
  • equipment with low resale value
  • VSBs and self-employed workers
  • new companies and start-ups
  • new technologies
  • financing applicants who need guarantee
  • business sectors with a high delinquency rate
  • financing applicants who need a second chance
  • companies that operate seasonally
  • unincorporated companies
  • very young credit applicants with no credit history

The 3 pillars of CLE Capital's standing with brokers are:

  1. The applicant comes before the equipment.
  2. Active listening.
  3. Unique expertise in dealing with complex deals structures.

With over 30 years of experience in financing, exemplary financial strength, and a Canada-wide presence, CLE Capital is a trusted partner for brokers. All credit applications are analyzed in order to maximize our acceptance rate. Every application has positive aspects. At CLE, our financing decision does not depend solely on the type of equipment since we scrupulously analyze the application as a whole.

  • An unmatched capacity to accept a high percentage of the applications we receive.
  • An exceptional ability to adapt to the joint needs of brokers and their clients.
  • A unique ability to create business opportunities.
  • Our ability to listen to and understand our clients makes CLE Capital the best financing firm for brokers who are looking for a flexible, quick, and profitable approach.

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CLE Capital
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